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Shakedown 2006

April 15th, 2006 No comments

Shakedown 2006 was quite the disappointment compared to the 2005 competition, the skies were grey, it rained now and then, and everything seemed over hyped and too commercial. I guess it’s come a long ways in the past 5 years, for good and for bad. The jump was smaller than last year, the rail set up was pretty dope though, rails and ledges over a McDonalds restaurant, how they will out-do that, only time will tell.

My photos are all shit, I left before the finals even started, I couldn’t stand to get wet anymore, I wanted to head up to tremblant, for a good day of riding the next day. That next day was one of my favourite days of riding, pipe all day long with beautiful weather.

Shakedown 2006

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Shakedown 2005

March 26th, 2005 No comments

Shakedown 2005 was pretty rad. I went for the qualifications day to find nice blue bird skies and pretty warm temperatures. I had my 1d and a couple of batteries and some memory cards. The jump was enormous and I couldn’t get over how big it was when I first saw someone hit it. The ledge module was pretty dope too, concrete, metal and granite combinations.

Kids were going off like crazy, that night I hit up the Bourbon in St something, and got way too drunk, the day/night of the finals I was pretty much hungover, shaking and drinkign way too much red bull.

charles back lip

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Shakedown 2005 – finals

March 25th, 2005 No comments

Shakedown 2005, unknown rider throwing himself off, for a chance at $10,000. Two flashes placed behind the jump.

Shakedown 2005 - finals

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kids are retarded

February 25th, 2005 No comments

This week was pretty rad, I went up to Tremblant for my spring break and stayed with this dude Adam that I met on Wheels & Wax. Turns out I knew his older brother and recognized him right away. We organized a big “gathering” in the snowboard park for after hours, and with the help of our friend Simon, we got some big jumps and rails built for the kids.

I really didn’t get many good shots out of the 2 day shoot, but I really liked this sequence of Charles Reid – bs board 270 out. The first day someone bailed really bad on one of the jumps and the day was killed. Day 2 Charles and Simon the two Reid bro’s were sessioning this big rail by themselves, even hitting it 10 feet behind each other. Out of nowhere Charles threw this down:

charles sequence

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Kevin – Backside 180

January 20th, 2004 No comments

A rider named Kevin (I think) doing a huge backside 180 at Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

Kevin - Backside 180

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