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New York

September 16th, 2007 1 comment

It’s fun going through folders long forgotten on your computer, especially when you’ve taken as many photos as I have in the past 10 years. I found this scan in one of those folders; it’s a photo of a street in New York city, shot with my holga, taken sometime in 2005. Its pretty strange to think about how many photos I’ve taken, and that for the most part, I will never lay eyes on 99% of them ever again. Maybe one day when I’m old I’ll sit down and go through them all.

New York City

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High Park

April 19th, 2007 No comments

So this is the side of High Park that I started my walk to the other side from, I was in good spirits at this point, and excited for a little walk through the park.. once i reached the other side, I was sweating, grumpy, and hungry.


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Aaron – Tailslide shot with the Holga

April 15th, 2007 2 comments

So finally after owning a Holga for almost 3 years, I put it to use with my pocketwizards and some strobes, Aaron was warming up on this ledge with some tailslides so I snapped 3 photos with the Holga and some illford hp5 400 film. I figured my holga was around F8-F11 so I got my flashes firing somewhere in between that, and had at it. The best one unfortunately was a double exposure, from me forgetting to advance the film, so this is the second best.

Aaron - Tailslide


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Nat at Tremblant

April 7th, 2007 1 comment

This is Nat on the day after my birthday, we went up to Tremblant for the weekend to hang out, go snowboarding and relax, kind of a down tempo birthday compared to my usual ones. Oddly enough it was pretty nice to wake up the next day without a hangover.. i must be getting old.

Nat - Tremblant

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Honest Eds

April 5th, 2007 No comments

Honest Eds is my favourite store in Toronto, ok well maybe not my favourite, but I always love seeing it. Nick and Michelle told me that at Christmas and Thanksgiving, they sell turkeys for $1 so that people without as much financial means can have a turkey dinner too.

Honest Eds

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New York New York

March 31st, 2007 2 comments

Here’s another instance of me having a 6×6 back in the Holga, and winding the film for 4.5 x 6. This was from a business trip to New York sometime in 2006, we had some good food, a long drive, and I drank my bar fridge in the room empty. Heinekens for $7 each.. and work wasn’t footing the bill ouch. I really wish this roll had turned out without the overlapping, but what can you do. Click to see a larger version.

New York New York

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March 29th, 2007 No comments

This stop sign should have been the first indication that walking from Michelle’s to Sunny’s through Highpark was not a good idea, it was warm enough out. Apparently High Park is a little bigger than your average park, and walking from one corner to the complete opposite is not a good idea. Oh well, I got to see some goats, llamas and peacocks.

stop sign

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So long PEI

March 27th, 2007 1 comment

This was the last photo from the Holga that I shot on the trip Nat and I took out east this past summer. I took this photo, while driving over the Confederation Bridge leaving PEI just a little too soon. I wish we had a little bit more time out there, and a little bit more money, but we still had a great time.

Confederation Bridge - On the way out

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Neil & Charlie

February 28th, 2007 No comments

Neil and Charlie at the quarry quarter pipe last November, decided to throw up both frames at once since they were side by side on the roll. I’m out of film for my Holga, time to hit up e-bay for some more. I’m really looking forward to the summer and shooting more with my Bronica, should be a summer filled with digital fish, and long lens medium format.. can’t wait.

Neil and Charlie

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February 7th, 2007 No comments

This is a church around the corner from my old apartment in Montreal. It’s on the corner of Rachel and St Urbain, and for some reason it’s always happy looking and decorated. Never been inside, but walked past it many times.

Church on Rachel

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