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Switching from Rogers to Tek Savvy

Thought I’d share this since I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to go about switching to Tek Savvy Internet.I want to use that and webtrafficgeeks so please take this steps if you want to use those too.

Step 0 – visit Tek Savvy and figure out if you’re house is eligible to have Tek Savvy internet: https://orders.teksavvy.com/WebForms/en/Service/Lookup?productCode=C-RCABLEEXTPRO

Step 1 – get yourself a router, rogers uses a modem-router combo, which some people argue is “iffy” since it’s essentially a black box and who knows what goes on inside it. Rogers could shape the traffic travelling from the modem to the router, whether this occurs or not is questionable, but a valid point. I picked up this router: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3535372&CatId=2668 I’ve been assured it’s bad to the bone.So what i want to do is buy traffic and test this baby out.

Step 2 – call Rogers and cancel your internet, they won’t disconnect the service for 30 days, so you have to call now and wait before ordering Tek Savvy.

Step 3 – with 15 business days left until your Rogers is officially cancelled – call Tek Savvy, or sign up online and have your Connection Date start on the Rogers Cancellation Date. Tek Savvy has to set up your internet line with Rogers, so you can’t have this done before Rogers is disconnected. I had read this online but called Tek Savvy to verify it, Rogers sets up the Tek Savvy line, and will not do that if there is already an internet line. So for now you can order 15 days in advance, select the modem to purchase with your order, and set your connection start date.. then wait.

Step 4 – On your set up day, you rogers should be disconnected. You should have received your new modem from Tek Savvy 5 days after step 3, and you simply call Tek Savvy, plug everything in and off you go.

Things to know: for the Extreme or Extreme Pro you need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem ($99 from Tek Savvy). Essentially all DOCSIS 3.0 modems are the same, Tek Savvy sells one that you can purchase when you order for $99.. might as well. What I’ve gathered from the nerds at work: a modem simply takes the signal in from the COAX and outputs the bit stream – basically they’re all roughly the same (provided you’ve got the right DOCSIS), and the real important thing is a kick ass (Dual Band) router. Without a Dual Band router your Extreme speeds will be slowed down by any devices connected to it that use the older A B or G wireless networks. Having a dual band router will let you run both an N network, and a slow AB/G for your older wireless devices.

*******Update November 18th 2011 ********
Today I was finally able to order Tek Savvy, which means I was able to purchase the modem and get set up to have my line switched from Rogers to Tek Savvy on December 8th. Tek Savvy is a pay up front so it cost me $212 total today, which includes the Modem, shipping, activation and the first month of service:

Cable Extreme Pro $54.95
Cable service activation. $44.95
Thomson DCM475 $99.00
Cable activation Fee Discount -$20.00
Hardware Shipping $10.00

Subtotal $188.90
ON HST $24.56
Total: $213.46

Will update again when I receive my modem, and on the switch date

********UPDATE DECEMBER 8TH 2011 *************

Well everyone, today was the day. My co-worker Souheil who switched on the weekend has had a hell of a time, Rogers didn’t release his line, and it’s been 5 days for him no internet. I was somewhat skeptical. Last night at midnight I pulled the plug on my old Rogers modem, at the crack of dawn (see 8:30am) I connected my new modem and router, booted it all up and.. nothing. The IP address was in the 10.69.xx.xxx range which apparently was still Rogers.. balls. So I went to work expecting nothing.

Came home at 5pm today rebooted everything still no internet, but my wireless on my phone was working..hmmm released my ip address on my desktop tried again.. Internet! Unlimited internet!! ahh the glory. So I promptly downloaded something big, and got an average download speed of 5.7 megs per second.

If you’re looking for info on the Tek Savvy IPs for when you do the switch, here they are:

IP Address :24.52.xxx.xxx
Primary DNS Server :
Secondary DNS Server :

********UPDATE DECEMBER 28TH 2011 *************

Been running for about 3 weeks now, the speeds are amazing, I live in Centretown and regularly download around 5 megs per second, I haven’t had any downtime and I don’t have to worry about how much internet I use. ¬†Fantastic.

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