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Congratulations Colin and Tanya

So last night I was out to see my friend Simon who is back from his grape growing in France for his girlfriends sisters wedding, we got in a round of golf on Monday (where I crushed him I might add), and then everyone met up last night downtown. I think it had been 2 years since I saw Simon last, same with most of our friends. Colin who is always late, or has something else planned, said (obviously) he was going to be late today and he couldn’t change it. He did show up only an hour after me, so not really even late, but for the first (and probably last) time he had a valid excuse, he had a mini afternoon trip planned out for him and Tanya to go scuba diving, where he proposed to her. Congratulations to both of them on their engagement! (stole this photo from Tanyas FB)

Colin & Tanya

In other news, I updated my website portfolio, go check it out: http://briangarson.com

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