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Whitney in the studio

February 28th, 2008 2 comments

A shot from last week with Whitney one of Vireshs newer models, I’ve been shooting a bit more lately, and the spring is coming soon, I actually can’t wait. I bought some new golf clubs that I need to hit. I’ve also spent the past month and a half working on a community based website that I run for action sports photographers. I managed to integrate the existing phpBB message board (including the user database) into Joomla and combine it with Coppermine for a Photo Gallery section. Anyways enough geek talk, here’s a photo of Whitney (Make up by Ellie McMillan):

Whitney - Cover Models Management

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Ioanna from Covermodels Management

February 14th, 2008 3 comments

I had my first shoot in the studio 2 weeks ago, since sometime in November. I shot two of Viresh’s models Ioanna and Adrian, we were just going for some simple beauty shots, which was probably a good thing given how rusty I was. This model is Ioanna, and the make up was done by Ellie McMillan. Oh and happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Ioanna - Covermodels Management

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Aaron – ghetto spot backside flip

February 11th, 2008 1 comment

The winter is going by pretty fast and I’ve only spent 2 days out riding so far, hopefully I’ll get more in. I went up to Tremblant yesterday with Howie and Dunn, and got some good riding in (the bar stool also saw a lot of action… funny how that works). I also spent the last two weekends shooting ice sculptures and people carving said ice sculptures for the NCC here in Ottawa, at Winterlude. It was definitely a different type of photography for me, very out of my norm of shooting 10-15 photos and calling it a day. Here’s a photo that I could never get to look right in photoshop, something bout the colours are off.. maybe I should just convert it to black and white.

Aaron Cayer - BS flip ghetto spot

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Keith – Back Heel at Archives

February 4th, 2008 2 comments

A pretty infamous set of stairs in Ottawa, I first skated here about 12 years ago, not the steps, but the ledges right behind it. It was great before everything was capped (except the $100 tickets for skating) you could skate the same ledge for 4 or 5 tricks in a row. I don’t even remember when this photo is from other than this passed summer, it’s of Keith doing a backside heelflip down the set, I can’t even remember if he landed it, I’m pretty sure he did. The digital version is even worse than the film.. ugh

Keith - Back Heelflip Archives

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