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Keith – Pop Shuv the Supreme Courthouse of Canada

January 28th, 2008 2 comments

I shot this photo back in the fall sometime with Keith, a few of the guys were skating it, Seb fs-flipped it (obviously) and Keith did his go to trick of pop shuv. We got the boot pretty quick, for some reason I was singled out by removals eastbourne security. So I’m at my car, already removed the CF-card and replaced it with another one just incase, and the security guy comes up to me, and starts asking me stuff, for ID etc. I tell him I don’t have any, I didn’t know what we were doing was illegal, I’m from out of town blah blah blah. About halfway through talking out of my ass, I notice he’s not security, he’s RCMP.. ruh oh? So I quickly back track, after he tells me I can’t be driving a car without a license, etc etc. Long story short, it sucks getting booted off of private property for trespassing, when not more than 10 feet from us, people were playing soccer on the same property. Reminds me of those Nike Commercials from back in the day when Nike SB was started.

Keith - Pop Shuv

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Aaron – Back tail bigspin out

January 24th, 2008 3 comments

I’m sorry blog, I’ve been neglecting you.. actually I haven’t picked up my camera in about 2 months. It’s pretty strange but I go through times like that where I’m just lacking inspiration.. or something to shoot. Either way things are turning around, I’ve got a shoot next week with Cover Models Management, and then a contract for 2 weekends to shoot Ice Carvers at Winterlude for the NCC in Ottawa, should be fun. In the mean time, here’s a photo from sometime in the summer of Aaron doing a back tailslide bigspin out. Maybe it was shuv out.. I can’t remember.

Aaron Back Tail Bigspin Out

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Updates and happy new year etc

January 10th, 2008 1 comment

Happy new year to the people still reading my blog from time to time. A lot of stuff has happened in the past couple of weeks in my life, it seems this time of year I always make life altering decisions. I quit my job at iStudio and moved to Got Corporation to work on CampaignerPro as a .Net Developer; which I’m very excited about. The new office is out in Kanata, I started on Monday of this week and the drive isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be; about 25-30 mins (20 if I bob and weave through traffic).

On the 27th of December I signed a contract to purchase a new home, I bought a 2 story condo in south Ottawa that I’ll be moving in to sometime in September ’08. I’ve also been neglecting my camera, my blog and the rest of my life, it seems I’ve somehow managed to get the flu, get rid of it, then find it again, and have been sick for the better part of the past month.

Here’s a photo of Aaron doing a front board on a rail over on Prince of Whales, we shot this in November or October before it got cold out.

Aaron - Front Board

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