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kids are retarded

February 25th, 2005 No comments

This week was pretty rad, I went up to Tremblant for my spring break and stayed with this dude Adam that I met on Wheels & Wax. Turns out I knew his older brother and recognized him right away. We organized a big “gathering” in the snowboard park for after hours, and with the help of our friend Simon, we got some big jumps and rails built for the kids.

I really didn’t get many good shots out of the 2 day shoot, but I really liked this sequence of Charles Reid – bs board 270 out. The first day someone bailed really bad on one of the jumps and the day was killed. Day 2 Charles and Simon the two Reid bro’s were sessioning this big rail by themselves, even hitting it 10 feet behind each other. Out of nowhere Charles threw this down:

charles sequence

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